Thirty years experience of research in applied physiology, software and hardware for medical devices

FatByte Srl is a newly established  company,   spinned out from a World leading manufacturer of body composition analyzers,  after the development of a revolutionary smart  phone App. The new estimating method is covered by international patent rights on the use  of just a photo as predictive measure,  The phono is conditioned automatically into a whole body  lateral surface value  of  an upright standing subject. The photo and results are obtainable with  any Smart Phone fitted with a camera and a touch screen.

Unlike numerous Apps estimating fat only with plain statistics estimating fat mass from height, weight, age and gender, Fat byte yields a really measured body fat content. All outcomes are supported by Clinical studies confronting FatByte results  to DXA reference method. FatByte is an ideal tool to implement and incentivizing tool for training, diet prescription,  and wellness programs. “ You cannot fight fat without measuring